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Dried fruit factory: Wholesale & Export of Dried Fruits From Iran

Dried fruit factory

Nestled in the heart of Iran’s abundant orchards, Azartaj factory stands as a beacon of quality and taste in the dried fruit industry. With a commitment to excellence, Azartaj specializes in wholesaling an exquisite range of dried fruits sourced from the fertile lands of Iran. The company’s dedication to providing premium products has made it a trusted name in the international market.


Azartaj Dried Fruit Factory

Azar Taj Co., the brains behind Azartaj factory, boasts a rich legacy of import and export endeavors. With a footprint in numerous countries including Spain, Poland, Russia, and Japan, Azar Taj Co. has earned its reputation as a trusted supplier of premium dried fruits. Situated in Tehran, Shahryar, the factory sprawls across 3000 square meters, housing two production salons with a daily capacity of 5 tons. The facility also boasts a state-of-the-art cold storage unit, capable of holding 500 tons of nature’s goodness at temperatures both below and above zero.


Wholesale Dried Fruits From Iran


Exporting Dried Fruits from Iran: A Growing Global Trend

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Export of Dried Fruit to Russia

Azartaj’s dedication to quality knows no bounds. The company’s reputation as a leading supplier in the international market is underscored by its seamless export of premium dried fruits to Russia. With a team of 50 full-time and 20 half-time employees on the production line, Azartaj guarantees that every dried fruit exported to Russia meets the highest quality standards, offering a delectable taste of Iranian excellence.


Export of Dried Fruit to UAE

In the bustling markets of the UAE, Azartaj’s premium dried fruits have found a cherished place. The company’s commitment to delivering top-tier products is evident in its export of dried fruits to the UAE. With 10 dedicated warehouse staff ensuring meticulous packaging and storage, Azartaj ensures that the flavors of Iran reach every corner of the UAE, delighting discerning consumers with the finest dried fruits.


Export of Dried Fruit to India

India, a land renowned for its rich culinary heritage, welcomes Azartaj’s exquisite dried fruits with open arms. Azartaj’s export of dried fruits to India is a testament to the company’s dedication to offering a gastronomic delight. With 15 skilled professionals in various departments overseeing the export process, Azartaj ensures that the diverse tastes of Indian consumers are catered to, providing a flavorful experience rooted in Iranian authenticity.


Export of Dried Fruit to Germany

In the heart of Europe, Azartaj’s legacy as a supplier of premium dried fruits shines brightly. The export of dried fruits to Germany showcases Azartaj’s commitment to European gourmets. With a meticulous approach to quality assurance involving 15 professionals in administrative, marketing, and customer support departments, Azartaj guarantees that every dried fruit reaching Germany embodies the essence of quality, flavor, and tradition.

Exporting Dried Fruits from Iran

Azartaj’s global footprint is not just a testament to its prowess as a supplier but also a celebration of Iran’s rich agricultural heritage. With each export, Azartaj brings a piece of Iran’s orchards to the world, offering a delectable experience that transcends borders and cultures. For those who seek the finest in dried fruits, Azartaj stands as a beacon of excellence, promising a journey of taste and quality that knows no limits.


Sourcing Excellence: Supporting Local Gardeners

What sets Azartaj apart is its unwavering focus on local gardeners. By sourcing from these dedicated individuals, Azartaj ensures the use of the best and highest-quality primary resources. This not only supports local communities but also guarantees the freshness and authenticity of every dried fruit product that bears the Azartaj name.

The company utilizes high-tech drying techniques that not only enhance the product but also underscore Azartaj’s dedication to sustainable growth. By embracing eco-friendly practices, Azartaj takes a step toward preserving the environment, ensuring a greener tomorrow for generations to come.

In conclusion, Azartaj factory is not just a dried fruit supplier; it’s a symbol of quality, health, and sustainability. With a rich legacy of excellence and a future-focused approach, Azartaj continues to redefine the standards of the dried fruit industry, one delicious bite at a time. For more insights into Azartaj’s world of premium delights, download the company’s global profile and experience the essence of authentic Iranian dried fruits.


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