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Dried fruit for export: Iran’s Role in the Global Dried Fruit Market

Dried fruit for export

Iran’s Contribution to the Global Dried Fruit Market

Iran holds a distinguished position as one of the leading producers and exporters of dried fruits worldwide. The country’s diverse climates enable the cultivation of a wide range of fruits, including figs, raisins, plums, chickpeas, and apricots, making it a key player in this industry. Azar Taj Co, established in 2004, is an Iranian supplier of dried fruits that aims to provide countries all over the world with high-quality products.

Widely Cultivated Fruits in Iran’s Harvest

Discover the abundant fruit varieties harvested in Iran, including apples, bananas, kiwis, oranges, strawberries, cherries, apricots, and many others. With such diversity, Iran has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the largest exporters of dried fruits. Azar Taj Co, a prominent supplier in Iran, offers a wide variety of dried goods, including their specialty in figs, raisins, plums, chickpeas, and apricots.

Iranian Dried fruits Exporter

Unveiling the Nutritional Value of Dried Fruits

Uncover the exceptional nutritional benefits of dried fruits, where certain varieties contain up to four times more antioxidants than fresh fruits. Azar Taj Co, as the greatest dried fruit supplier in Iran, is committed to providing high-quality dried fruits that retain their nutritional value. Their modern production line ensures careful drying techniques to preserve the optimal retention of vitamins and nutrients in their products.


Iranian Dried fruits Exporter and supplier Company

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Effective Tips for Exporting Dried Fruits

When exporting dried fruits, it is crucial to prioritize their health and organic nature, particularly for markets like Germany, France, Britain, Russia, Turkey, the UAE, Qatar, Lebanon, and other Middle Eastern countries. Azar Taj Co, as a reputable supplier, employs organic drying methods and avoids harmful chemicals in compliance with stringent standards. Their commitment to delivering the highest quality goods aligns with the requirements of these markets.

Dried fruit for export

The European Union: Leading Importer of Dried Fruits

Explore the European Union’s significant role as the world’s largest importer of dried fruits, accounting for 40% of the global import market. Due to limited production capacity, EU member countries rely heavily on imports from countries such as the United States and Iran to meet their demand. Azar Taj Co, as a reliable supplier, exports its high-quality dried fruits to European countries, ensuring compliance with hygienic principles and maintaining exceptional quality standards.

Embracing Organic Nature and Superior Taste

With a more traditional approach to agriculture and horticulture, Iran’s farming practices involve minimal genetic manipulation and the use of harmful toxins, making its products nearly organic. Azar Taj Co’s dried fruits and nuts stand out for their superior taste compared to those from other producing countries. Their commitment to providing the greatest dried fruit wholesale in terms of quality and taste resonates with buyers seeking premium products.

Selection Criteria for Drying Fruits

Understanding the significance of selecting high-quality fruits for drying, discover how sugar-free dried fruits and additives serve as a healthier alternative to other snacks. Azar Taj Co, working exclusively with the best suppliers in the industry, ensures that only the finest fruits are chosen for their dried fruit products. Their commitment to quality extends to their packaging techniques, which enhance the product’s marketability and conform to international standards.


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Iranian Dried Fruit Industry

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